Book 1 - The Prince

Based in a rich, detailed world created by the author when she was nine years old from a recurring dream, The Prince of Kydar is a sweeping epic centered on a powerful, royal Shau’Nian family that is mired in murder, mystery, magic and lies.
— Series Summary
Of all the places to be posted, it had to be Wévrynbár.
— Gwalkwyn Nalt

Prologue: The Astair Plain and Chapter 1/Vol. 1: Battle of the Astair Plain

Completed! Free to see prologue.

Full book available through!

Chapter 2/Vol. 2: Shadows

Projected to be published in 2019!

Chapter 3/Vol. 3: Wevrynbar

Chapter 4/Vol. 4: Spirit Stone

Chapter 5/Vol. 5: The Path

Chapter 6/Vol. 6: Demon