Motion work from when I was in college. Copyrighted 2011-2018


Stop motion film with photographs and my first try at Photoshop. I do not own any of the soundbites, except the laughter at the end, that's me. This was the first filming steppingstone for me. It's not super, but I have plans to create a few shorts that are based off of some ideas that formed this film.

Changing Hands

I do not own the music. Music by Yoko Kanno on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. Filmed with an iPone 4s on location on Dog Mountain Farm.

Ancient Pines

Adobe After Effects class short story. All of the videoclips and stills are owned by me, but I lay no claim to the soundtrack. The mountain, black and white trees, and high altitude flowers where photographed on Mt. Rainier.